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Global Update 6.0

Master announces the availability of the update to version 6.0 of all the software of the UNA Automation system.

Among the new features included in the 6.0 versions we highlight:

  • Support for the new access control devices “Difra2” (NFC card reader) and “Tasha” (badge pocket for NFC cards).
  • New element “Virtual keyboard“: a numeric code keypad, useful for example to start PIN-protected scenarios or for use in hotel accesses.
  • New element “DMX512 light”, to control dimmable single color DMXlamps.
  • New element “Virtual status indicator“, for signals not connected to card inputs or outputs
  • Newhotel managementsystem, now more flexible, with support for common parts and multi-reception.
  • Possibility in Lapis to move cards together from one bus to another in Vesta.
  • Generic integration of the Modbusprotocol, through the Clavis Modbus adapter.
  • Specific integration of some Modbus heat pump models: Samsung, Fujitsu, Daikin, LG, Clivet.
  • Integration, via an external controller, of DALItechnology lamps.
  • Possibility (with firmware update) to connect the MicroTherma card to a temperature sensor, and Iris to a clean contact button.

In addition, the following new features have also been added to SideraHome:

  • The user can independently change the name and transparency of the objects in maps and categories.
  • The administrator user can create up to 100 secondary users, limiting the visible maps and deciding which options they are allowed to modify.
  • If there are no maps in the Lapis project, a white and empty one is automatically shown with all the objects present in the connection panels.
  • Sending UNA protocol statistics to SideraWeb, to remotely monitor malfunctions of cards or wiring.

a) the versions of Lapis, Vesta and Tosca / WinVisus must be aligned to communicate with each other. We recommend that you always update everything to the latest version available. –
b) the update packages of the Vesta card are distinguished between Vesta and Vesta2. They are not interchangeable with each other, but Lapis will automatically propose the right package according to the Vesta card found on the net.
c) do not update Vesta which have two front green LEDs and which have a serial lower than EF008C. Contact the Master Assistance Service in this case.

For installers, all new software downloads are downloadable from the Support section of the SideraWeb site.