UNA has chosen to offer you the utmost comfort in management and control of your home. No need to put your favourite TV show on hold and get up from the sofa to turn on the heating, or remember to turn up the temperature when you get home from work: the UNA home automation system is easy to control from a touchscreen device in the home or via the web with an app on your mobile device. A versatile, safe, intelligent form of control allowing you to restrict access to certain commands with password protection..

UNA makes it easy for you to control and manage your home with a touch device that controls the flow of information at all times, even from a remote location, using any mobile device or the appropriate section in the web site UNA provides for you and your home.


The UNA control system has an intuitive user interface which is extremely easy to use, even for handling complex tasks. From controlling the desired temperature to closing the windows, it becomes child’s play for you to interact with your home.



UNA custom tailors control of your home to respond to you and your needs. Its functions respond to the needs of seniors, the disabled and even the most technologically challenged users!
Controls can be operated in analogue mode, keyboard mode, or simplified mode, permitting special commands, vocal confirmation of turning on and off for the visually impaired and indicator lights for the hearing-impaired.


With UNA you don’t need a technician to come to your home to change the settings in your control software. Your technician can work from a remote location over the web, using a temporary profile and password, responding to your needs instantly without having to come over. Especially for our business solutions! Just think, for example, how much time and energy you can save by remote controlling settings in multiple hotel rooms or stores belonging to the same brand!!