Controllo accessi con DIFRAThe UNA Automation system offers you the possibility to manage the big hotel like the small B & B, with a simple and safe solution, to satisfy the customer with a simple gesture.

 The Master solutions allow stand-alone management, with cards tied to a single DIFRA door opener, as well as centralized system control, with DIFRA reprogramming at each new entrance.
Each DIFRA can also interface with the UNA Automation system that manages lights, sockets, blinds and alarms of each room.



The access to the room is managed by DIFRA, the UNA system device that can operate in stand-alone mode or, via bus, in a coordinated and centralized way with the UNA Automation system of the structure. The door opening is made by approaching the appropriate badge cards, and the external leds indicate the status of the system (active / off), the door opening, the presence in the room and the “do not disturb” warning.



The activation of the in-room services takes place by inserting the card in the Master badge switch, which allows you to activate the power services and at the same time to communicate with DIFRA to signal the presence in the guest’s room.



It is possible to manage the entire structure with the UNA Automation system and to use the silent controls and the single module thermostat inside the room, in the finishes of the Master modular systems: MODO gray or white, MODO steel or glossy white MIX..



The modular civil series of Master offer a vast range of devices to cover the most varied needs: from the most varied international standard outlets, to multi-voltage shaver power supplies, USB power supplies, TV, telephone and data networks connections, continuity signals and so on.