UnaMobile Android app

UNAMobile is the new application that allows you to interfacle your UNA Automation System with Android devices.

Scarica l'app dal Play storeThrough your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly and easily connect to your home and check every device connected to the UNA homeopath. UNAMobile is able to detect the presence of the UNA system on the same wi-fi network and to auto-configure itself, or to access the UNA system from anywhere via an Internet connection and the SideraWeb authentication service.

SideraHome is the user interface that allows you to quickly access the UNA Automation system from inside the building. SideraWeb is the web portal that allows access to the facility from outside the home, via the Internet.

Warnings: Use of the application and all control features is subject to the presence of a UNA Automation system by Master Divisione Elettrica, with Vesta board and connection to the same local wifi and/or Internet network.