What is UNA?

With UNA all it takes is one little action, just one, to make your home the best possible place to live, every day.

With UNA all it takes is one little action to control, manage and protect every room, even with complex systems installed.

Whether it’s your home or a hotel with dozens of rooms that you need to make cosy and welcoming, safe and secure, UNA allows you to control everything you need, thanks to customised functions and a home automation system built to respond to your needs.

UNA is an agile customisable system that is alive, capable of evolving and growing with you. Easily expandable and modifiable, UNA grows and changes with your needs and those of your loved ones, evolving along with you and your home.


A home is distillation of different needs that are destined to change with time, depending on the home’s inhabitants.
UNA makes life easier, allowing you to control, regulate and protect everything you need. With one little action. As easy as coming back after a busy day to enjoy all the warmth and cosiness of home!