The UNA home automation system permits interaction and dialogue with a number of external devices protecting your home: video door phones, sensors for detecting flooding or gas leaks, alarm systems. To make management of your home increasingly efficient and customisable.

UNA is a system built to be modular, expandable and open. This means you can design your own customised management and control system, with no waste, and change it easily any time you want, interacting with external and complementary devices.


Pick the perfect soundtrack for your moments of relaxation. With integrated speaker systems, UNA gives you complete control over the music in every room in the home. You can work with different sound sources in every room to customise the atmosphere under all circumstances. Controls are quick and easy to use, allowing you to adjust the music from anywhere using any UNA control device.



If your home has a protection system for detecting flooding or gas leaks, you can instruct UNA to alert you of problems. A quick, easy to use alert system allows you to act promptly to make sure your home is truly safe.



UNA allows you to keep an eye on the house by connecting up to your security camera system. An important function that allows you to view the image recorded by the camera when the doorbell rings, or when the burglar alarm goes off, even if you’re not at home at the time.



Often out and unable to ventilate your home? UNA can control your ventilation system and turn it on whenever you want. You might want to set it to come on when you are producing energy with your photovoltaic panels.



Would you like to be sure your air conditioning system automatically switches off whenever someone opens a window? UNA and its setting and control systems allow you to control your air conditioning system, choosing and adjusting functions to suit your needs.



UNA allows you to integrate your irrigation system with our home automation system. You can easily remote control it or choose to have it come on when you are not using much energy.



Running late and rushing out the door again? UNA can close all the shutters in your home when you set your burglar alarm system. And you can choose to receive notification if a window has been left open.



UNA allows you to extend and centralise control to include other devices and systems in your home through interaction with a vast range of other manufacturers’ devices, appliances, sensors and peripheral devices based on the Konnex* Standard.


* The KNX and Konnex trademarks are not the property of Master or of any companies connected with it.