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Lapis is the tool allowing the installer to configure and set up the UNA system simply and efficiently. It also allows him to intervene quickly where assistance is required.

Lapis software is used to programme UNA system components. It uses a simple, intuitive interface designed to facilitate self-teaching.
Lapis is multi-platform and multi-lingual: a single DVD contains the installation software for Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10, Mac OS X® and the major Linux distributions.
Lapis connects to individual Eva boards using the USB-RS485 Clavis adaptor, or to the Vesta board via the Ethernet network. It can simultaneously programme all system components. The self-configuration functions allow the designer to deal merely with the definition of the system, leaving Lapis to carry out all technical checks and more complex programming.
Lapis automatically updates over the Internet, notifying the user of new features when it starts up and making sure you have the latest release at all times and all UNA system components are updated.
Finally, Lapis allows you to save and recover your Vesta project and allows the designer to make a protected project back-up on the Sidera web service to guarantee data security over the years.

HW10700 Lapis on USB pendrive (package of 1 pz.)