• HL61000


IN/OUT board for lights regulation


MicroFluxa allows regulation of the intensity of light bulbs managed with specific 0-10V power supply units (e.g. dimmer/ballast for neon bulbs) through normal electro-mechanical buttons, lighting sensors or other devices connected to the UNA system, and astronomical timing if Vesta is installed.

MicroFluxa has 1 digital input, 1 relay output and a 0-10V output for controlling dimmer/ballast devices, a 12 V DC power supply and an RS485 communication port for programming using Lapis software.

MicroFluxa is a board used to manage and adjust fluorescent lights on 1 channel. The relay can be connected with 230V~ utilities such as resistive or inductive light bulbs or low voltage utilities such as LED lights, etc.
It can operate stand-alone or controlled via RS485 bus, using Vesta and Visus software. The board is set up for installation in square, round (Ø 60 mm), or rectangular boxes consisting of 3 or more modules, or junction boxes. All connections are made using printed terminals to facilitate wiring and replacement.
MicroFluxa is supplied pre-programmed with the “Ramp” function; the relay is associated with the corresponding input. It is equipped with LED indicator lights for power supply, function and easily-identifiable relay enabling.
MicroEva can be set up as you wish, using the simplified software programming interface designed by Lapis.
MicroFluxa can also be used as an expansion of the MicroEva Light Kit.

HL61000 MicroFluxa (package of 3pcs.)