• HL51000


IN/OUT board for lights regulation


Fluxa allows regulation of the intensity of light bulbs managed with specific 0-10V transformers (e.g. dimmer/ballast for neon bulbs) through normal electro-mechanical buttons, lighting sensors or other devices connected to the UNA system.

Fluxa has 8 digital inputs, 4 Master light sensor inputs, 4 relay outputs and 4 0-10V outputs to control dimmer/ballast devices, 230V~ mains power supply and RS485 communication port for programming using Lapis software.

Fluxa is an advanced board used to manage and adjust fluorescent lights (with and without dimmers) divided into 4 channels. It can operate stand-alone or controlled via RS485 bus, using Vesta and Visus software. If serial connected to Eva Power or Tamara, it also allows you to measure loads in real time. The board is set up for fastening with DIN guide (Master type) control panel where it occupies 6.5 modules and, thanks to the optional side rings, can be screwed onto junction boxes or plasterboard walls. All connections are made using extractable printed terminal blocks to facilitate wiring and replacement. The 8 digital inputs can be programmed individually in latching mode with dimmers and timers. Alternatively, they can be programmed with multiple and/or general commands. The light sensor inputs allow you to adapt light intensity from the bulbs to the ambient lux in order to maintain constant lighting. Adjustment takes place by means of the 4 12A resistive relays (maximum total load 3 kW) that allow for turning on and off, and the four adjustment channels with 0-10V output, together. Fluxa is supplied pre-programmed with the “Ramp” function on the first four inputs, and can be set up as you wish using the simplified software programming interface designed by Lapis.

HL51000 230V~ Fluxa (package of 1pc.)
HL51500 127V~ Fluxa (package of 1pc.)