Eva blinds Kit

  • HS01101

Eva blinds Kit



The Eva Roller Blind Kit controls curtains and roller blinds, divided into 5 independent groups, with 2 partial commands and 1 general opening and closing command already preset, simple and electronic commands, presence detectors and twilight, wind and rain sensors.

The Eva Roller Blind Kit has 16 digital inputs, 10 relay outputs, a 230 V~ mains supply and an RS485 communications port for programming using Lapis software.

The Eva Roller Blind Kit is a complete, pre-programmed board used to manage curtain and blind automation in 5 independent groups. It has 16 5V DC digital inputs and 4 terminals for the system, 10 outputs with 230V~ 12A resistive relays and NO-NC double terminals (for total loads of up to 6 kVA), a 230V~ mains power supply and an RS-485 serial communication and programming port. The board is set up for fastening with DIN guide on a 13-module (Master type) control panel and, thanks to the optional side rings, can be screwed onto junction boxes or plasterboard walls. All connections are made using extractable printed terminal blocks to facilitate wiring and replacement.
The Eva Roller Blind Kit is equipped with an auxiliary power supply device that allows the built-in clock to run and settings to be maintained even in the event of black-out. The Eva Roller Blind Kit is supplied pre-programmed with manual commands (up-down) on the first 10 inputs, 2 area up-down on inputs 11 to 14 and general opening and general closing on inputs 15 and 16. Each of the inputs from 1 to 10 has been pre-programmed to offer general opening and closing when pressed and held. Eva Kit boards can be installed with no initial programming through Lapis.

HS01101 EvaKit (package of 1pc.)