A home is distillation of different needs that are destined to change with time, depending on the home’s inhabitants. UNA makes life easier, allowing you to control, regulate and protect everything you need. With one little action. As easy as coming back after a busy day to enjoy all the warmth and cosiness of home!


Light and heat are essential for making any room a pleasant place to be. By controlling natural and artificial light levels and temperature in your home, UNA makes sure you enjoy the utmost comfort all year round.


UNA makes it easy for you to control and manage your home with a touch device that controls the flow of information at all times, even from a remote location, using any mobile device or the appropriate section in the web site UNA provides for you and your home.

Energy saving

Through a series of priorities for management of loads and consumption, UNA makes sure your home is run in a way that keeps energy consumption in check and prevents overloading. Every appliance in the home is managed as part of a network to ensure optimal functioning and energy savings..

Safety and security

The home must be protected and suitable for all its inhabitants, even the smallest. This is why we have designed a system for safe management of electrical energy and a failure-proof electricity grid. UNA makes sure every room is child-safe and perfectly useable even in the event of a system failure.


UNA is a system built to be modular, expandable and open. This means you can design your own customised management and control system, with no waste, and change it easily any time you want, interacting with external and complementary devices.


UNA offers you great possibilities for interfacing with other systems of the house, such as the radio, the alarm or video surveillance. Imagine simple gestures that trigger multiple different functions, or turn on your favorite music through the Tosca touch screen.

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Homes, offices, public spaces, hotels, showrooms: there are hundreds of UNA Automation installations worldwide. Here are some:


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