Vesta 2

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Vesta 2



Vesta allows you to control and coordinate the other system boards connected. The Ethernet connection makes all system data available for any device that can connect up to the Internet.

Vesta 2 has two USB 2.0 ports, one Ethernet 10/100 Mbps port, a 12V DC power supply, an earthing terminal, 3 RS-485 bus channels and one pre-amplified stereo audio output.

Vesta 2 is an extremely high performing, low energy consumption microcomputer with high mass memory and calculation power. It connects via RS485 bus to the UNA system boards comprising the home automation system and to a home network using an Ethernet cable. It uses routers or wireless access points in the home system and permits control of connected boards through Sidera Home, a web interface that can be customised with system maps and controls. The interface may be used with any browser from any browser and is fully compatible with laptop computers, palmtops, desktops, Smartphones, iPhones and other such devices. If connected to an Eva Power, MiniEva Power or Tamara board, Vesta 2 keeps a record of use and consumption of lines/utilities in its internal memory and permits export for filing. Vesta 2 also permits definition and execution of operating scenarios. The Lapis software also allows you to programme the implementation of scenarios involving several boards connected up to a single system. The board is set up for fastening on a control panel with a 12-module DIN guide (6.5 modules for the board and remaining space for the lateral connections) and, thanks to the optional side rings, can be screwed onto junction boxes or plasterboard walls. All connections are made using extractable printed terminal blocks to facilitate wiring and replacement. Finally, Vesta 2 can use a home Internet connection to enable system access through Sidera, the UNA on-line service. This gives you complete control over your home from any Internet access point the world over, any time, night or day.

HM02000 Vesta 2 (package of 1pc.)