Tosca 2

Tosca 2



Tosca 2 is your touchscreen assistant to truly live the UNA Automation experience. Using the Visus software, it can provide you with complete management and control of your home, in real time.

Tosca 2 has a Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps connection and a 12V DC mains power supply.

Tosca 2 is a personal computer based on Intel® architecture, equipped with a 10” touchscreen monitor. Tosca has pre-installed Visus system management software.
Once Tosca 2 is connected to the same data network as Vesta (through the Ethernet port), Visus imports the whole system project from Vesta, allowing for the navigation, interaction and the control of the whole system from a single point. All this with no need for the installer to install or configure software.
Tosca 2 updates in real time when home devices are enabled or disabled by other command points. It is equipped with additional applications that allow for control of stand-by and energy saving, and for its use as a digital picture frame to display your favourite photographs and images.
Tosca 2 is installed on a specific metal built-in box to allow for perfect fastening to the wall. It can be completed with a wide range of plaques to match the colours of the civil Master series.

HT02000 Tosca 2 (package of 1pc.)
HTS1000 Metal flush mounting box for Tosca 2 (package of 1pc.)

22HTV10 Frame in white metal for Tosca 2
22HTV20 Frame in black metal for Tosca 2
22HTV65 Frame in natural aluminium for Tosca 2