Tasha is a device that allows the activation of in-room services in the hotel environment, through cards equipped with NFC technology, but which can be used to activate services in the residential or tertiary sector. Tasha is equipped with a relay output and pocket backlight for inserting the badge.

Tasha is equipped with 2 digital inputs, an NFC reading antenna, a 230V max relay, RS-485 bus connection and 12V power supply in direct or alternating current.

Tasha is a pocket inserter with proximity reading for NFC badges, available in the different finishes of the civil series Modo, Steel and Master Mix; it is supplied complete with support for installation on round or square metal boxes (2.5-module version) or for 3-module unified boxes (3-module version), and cannot be installed on larger-sized boxes. Tasha is characterized by the double possibility of operating both in the room mode combined with a Difra2, and in the bus mode with Vesta in the system. Operating in room mode, Tasha is combined with the NFC cards of the Difra2 device connected to it, and replicates the authorizations. In bus mode it is instead possible to dynamically manage the association and removal of NFC cards to each Difra2 and Tasha device, allowing a real-time variation of the authorized people to access and activate the services, and time band limitations in case they are requested.
Tasha is provided with a backlight for the badge pocket to facilitate the insertion of the card in poor lighting conditions.
By inserting the card with NFC previously associated into the Tasha, room services are activated through the relay of the device. Tasha is supplied without badge cards.
Attention: Tasha is not compatible with RFID cards (HA02021); NFC badge cards are not compatible with previous Difra cards (HA0201x).

HA05210 Tasha 2.5 modules MODO dark gray
HA05211 Tasha 2.5 MODO Steel modules
HA05212 Tasha 2.5 modules WAY white
HA05213 Tasha 2.5 MIX modules
HA05310 Tasha 3 modules MODO dark gray
HA05311 Tasha 3 MODO Steel modules
HA05312 Tasha 3 modules MODE white
HA05313 Tasha 3 MIX modules
HA02221 Additional neutral NFC badge card for Difra2 and Tasha