Difra2 is the device that allows you to control access in residential, hotel and tertiary sectors through cards equipped with NFC technology, providing differentiated signals to the outside. Difra2 is equipped with a relay output, designed to control the electric lock or a courtesy light.

Difra2 is equipped with 2 digital inputs, an NFC reading antenna, a 230V max relay for electric locks or courtesy lights, RS-485 bus connection and 12V DC power supply.

Difra2 is a proximity NFC reader, available in the various finishes of the civil series Modo, Steel and Master Mix; requires a 2-module or more support for wall flush-mount installation, but can also be installed on a 4-module Master table box. Difra2 is characterized by the double possibility of operating both in stand-alone mode and in bus mode. Operating stand-alone, Difra2 is combined with the code of an NFC, called MASTER, which allows you to associate or remove other NFC cards to the device. In bus mode it is possible to dynamically manage the association and removal of NFC cards to each device, allowing a real-time variation of the persons authorized to access, and time slot limitations if they are required.
Approaching a board equipped with NFC with Difra2, you get the correct or incorrect card report. In the first case, the correct recognition activates the relay of the device, allowing for example the opening of an electric lock. The inputs allow you to configure the “room presence” signal and the “do not disturb” signal, which can be activated by the guest using a special command.
Difra2 is always supplied with a white NFC badge card.
Warning: Difra2 is not compatible with RFID cards (HA02021) and NFC badge cards are not compatible with previous Difra cards (HA0201x).

HA02210 MODO dark grey Difra 2
HA02211 MODO Steel Difra 2
HA02212 MODO white Difra 2
HA02213 MIX Difra 2
HA02221 Additional neutral NFC badge for Difra 2 and Tasha.